Get rid of Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002 While Adding Printer

Windows operating system gives you many user friendly features to your computer with the help of which you can complete your job very easily. You can access mails, write articles, edit photos and so on. You can also connect printer to the computer to print the edited or web page instantly. But sometimes when you try to print a page then it doesn’t do that and gives you “Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002 while adding printer”. Though it is not a critical issue but it makes you annoying that you cannot print your page right now. So you can resolve it by using manual fixing or you can automatically fix this issue using Advanced System Repair tool.

Symptoms –

Main symptoms of the prompting of the error code usually as;

“Connect to printer” Error 0x00000002 (Windows cannot connect to printer).

What are the causes –

Some of the main causes for the prompting of “Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002 while adding printer” are the virus infection, failure of the print managing service to connect with the network printer, corrupt Windows registry settings, misconfigured system files, missing of some DLL files that are strongly connected with the printing process, printer driver issue, etc.

How to deal with “Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002 while adding printer”

You can go with the following manual method to fix this error issue easily:

  1. First of all try to delete the driver of the printer model you have installed to connect with the computer.
  2. Then you should try to install the printer on the system again.
  3. Now add the printer to connect with the PC.

With the help of these simple steps you will be able to get rid of “Operation Failed with Error 0x00000002 while adding printer”. But if the error message is still coming to your computer then you must use Advanced System Repair tool to fix the issue automatically.

Highly Recommended

In 98% cases it is observed that due to corrupted system files, wrong Windows registry entries and missing or not found dll, exe, vxd, files are the causes of this error. To fix these causes and to remove virus or malware infection you must have to scan Windows with Advanced System Repair tool. Advanced scanning algorithm of this software cleans Windows errors easily.

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By using Advanced System Repair tool you can remove the entire issue of Windows error including the printer error problem. With the help of this tool you can automatically scan the computer and remove the virus issue and other errors one by one and optimize the performance of the system incredibly.

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