How to Fix Windows 7 fails to configure updates Error

Windows 7 is an operating system which has lots of improvements over the other operating system. In the Windows 7 the features are very advance in visual as well as technical. But sometimes there arises lots of problem when updating Windows 7. Windows 7 fails to configure updates message is shown by the system and the updating is blocked. User usually keeps getting this message when Windows try to install new updates. Windows 7 has a feature of automatic update which allows user to install important updates automatically without going to updates websites. It also gives an option that whether you have to install the updates or to save.

Symptom –

Here are main symptoms to identify the error problem:

  • Prompting of message on the screen that Windows 7 fails to configure updates.
  • Users cannot see the Windows features.
  • When user try to connect with the Microsoft update website then there logged an error as 0xC80001FE in the Widows update log.

Cause –

This problem may occur due to following causes:

  • If there is a corruption in Windows update database.
  • Antivirus software is not properly installed.
  • The system file required for the Windows update is registered incorrectly.
  • If there is a corruption of component based servicing manifest.
  • During updating, the Windows update service gets stopped.
  • If Windows installer gets some errors.

Solution –

If Windows 7 fails to configure updates then user can restart the computer again to get rid of the problem but before restarting user must be sure that all the previous installation are finished and no programs are remained open.

User may also fix it manually by removing the incorrect value in the registry. This required some manual steps to do:

  1. Go to start button and click it. There user can type regedit in the search box.
  2. Click on the regedit.exe in the program list.
  3. Select this registry sub key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS
  4. Right click on COMPONENTS.
  5. Now click on Export.
  6. Now type COMPONENTS in the file name box opened.
  7. Now save the file on the desktop.
  8. Now right click on PendingXmlIdentifier or NextQueueEntryIndex or AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving in the details pane. If these values do not exist then go to the next step.
  9. Restart the computer and install the updates again.
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You will now be able to install the updates on your system. But after these manual steps the system again shows the message that Windows 7 fails to configure updates then you must try to use Advanced System Repair tool to fix Windows fails to update error. This will help you to fix the error automatically and it also make your system fast to work. This tool will help your Windows to be compatible with various versions of updates.

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