How to remove Windows runtime error 1004

Windows operating system is a very useful and reliable operating system in the world as it is used by billions of people throughout the world. But sometimes it gives you some very unusual error messages that make you annoying. Windows runtime error 1004 is one of such error messages. This error code comes to your computer when the program on which you are working gets corrupt and shuts down. This error code mainly prompts in Microsoft Excel when. It prevents us to use Excel properly. So it is very important to get rid of this error code as soon as possible. You can use Advanced System Repair tool to fix this issue automatically.

Symptoms –

The most common symptom that you can see is the prompting of error code in the form of;
Application-defined or operation-defined error.

Causes –

Prompting of Windows runtime error 1004 happens when one or more cells in an array contain a character string that is set or more than 911 characters.

Solution –

You can use the template bypass to remove the runtime error code 1004 manually:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel to create a template bypass.
  2. Delete all worksheets that are automatically opened. You have to leave one sheet.
  3. The remaining page will be going to be your template page.
  4. Now you can edit this page as you want and then you have to save it as the Excel template.

With the help of this method you can get rid of the issue of Windows runtime error 1004. But one thing you should keep in your mind that it is not as simple as it seems. So you must use Advanced System Repair tool to fix this issue automatically.

Highly Recommended

In 98% cases it is observed that due to corrupted system files, wrong Windows registry entries and missing or not found dll, exe, vxd, files are the causes of this error. To fix these causes and to remove virus or malware infection you must have to scan Windows with Advanced System Repair tool. Advanced scanning algorithm of this software cleans Windows errors easily.

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Advanced System Repair tool is the best tool that can fix the entire runtime errors in the windows automatically. By using this tool you can also remove virus and malware from your computer and optimize the performance of the system incredibly.

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