[Solved] Windows update error 0x80072ee2

In most of the cases message regarding Windows update error 0x80072ee2 is of temporary and generally affects the communication between the computer and the Windows update server. When the component of the system is not stable or if it is not getting proper maintenance then Windows update error 0x80072ee2 message shows on the screen. Sometimes we are unable to identify the error then Windows update server links itself with the registry setting and save it to the memory and cause the error.

Symptom –

  1. Repeatedly server displays error 0x80072ee2.
  2. Due to Windows update error 0x80072ee2 some Windows based application got freezes.
  3. System works very slowly.
  4. Sometime system gets shut down or restarts automatically.
  5. There could be a problem with opening in browsers. It gets very slow.

Causes of the Windows update error 0x80072ee2 –

  1. During Windows update, some interruption may take place and will be cause of the error 0x80072ee2.
  2. It may also happen due to the damage registry.
  3. Some missing system file may also be one of the causes for this error.
  4. Interference of local network connection or firewall to the connection of windows update site.
  5. Never use entries for the windows update websites in the HOSTS file. The IP address for the site can be changed in the HOSTS file. This could be the major cause for this error.
  6. Improper use of system is also a reason behind windows error 0x80072ee2.
  7. Internal effect like corrupt driver may also show this error and due to this user doesn’t work properly on his computer.
  8. Entry of malicious matter can affect the hard drive and could be the reason for this error. This entry could be malware or virus.

Solution –

  • When system shows Windows update error 0x80072ee2 then wait for some time and then try to run windows update. It may solve the issue if there is a jam of internet traffic.
  • Check for the driver conflicts that is the driver is very old or not. Perhaps it will not support some of the application if it is of an old version. To solve this issue install updated driver either by CD or through internet. You should be noted that the driver is compatible with the system.
  • Outdated file or a corrupt data may be a cause for the error0x80072ee2, so it is removed from the windows registry by windows fragmentation. For this one should have the sound knowledge of windows registry.

This problem could be solved manually by following steps –

  1. Confirm that the internet connection is working on the computer for connecting to the Windows update server.
  2. Disable the firewall temporarily to avoid blocking of any connection.
  3. Add the windows update server to your web’s trusted list and press ok two times.

Now you can install updates again if this method resolved the issue and re-enable the firewall again.

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