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Guide to Fix Windows Defender Error 0x80501106

In so many features and service, Windows defender is also one of the great feature included in the Windows operating system. The Windows defender program is included in the Windows 10 updates. The program is designed to scan the whole computer to find out the corruption or infections. But sometimes it is seen that when you try to launch this feature, you get Windows defender error 0x80501106. Occurring of the defender error code 0x80501106 is not usual thing. You may get this error issue very critically in the computer due to missing or deletion of some important files associated with the Windows defender. You cannot scan the computer using this feature due to the occurring of this issue. So, go through some manual or automatic error fixing methods to get rid of the problem. To fix Windows error code 0x80501106 automatically, you can download and install Advanced System Repair tool in the computer.

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