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Solution to fix Windows update error code 0x8020002E

Windows operating system is the best OS in the world that it gives you so many updates to complete your work smoothly on the computer. It also provides you the latest version of windows operating system to upgrade instantly. But problem comes to you when you try to update or upgrade the windows from window 8 top windows 8.1 and in the middle it stops and gives some error messages on the screen of the computer. Windows update error code 0x8020002E or Windows update error code 0x8020002E is also one of the error messages that come during the operation. After this you will be unable to do anything in the computer. Due to the miscommunication in the system and update service it happens generally. Registry errors and system files corruption are also the reasons for the error. You should some automatic or manual method to fix this issue completely from the system. Continue reading “Solution to fix Windows update error code 0x8020002E” »