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Solution to fix Windows update error 0x800706b5

Windows operating system gives you so many important features by dint of you can complete your day to day works very easily. But sometimes it is seen that during the updating the windows you get some error message on the screen of your computer and the operation gets stop. There occurs a blue screen of death error and you become completely unable to do any operation now. Due to the registry errors, missing DLL files, hardware or software issue, it happens. You will get Windows update error 0x800706b5 or Windows stop error 0x800706b5 continuously. It seems very common and general in stating but it may create a drastic situation for the wellness of the computer so troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible with otherwise system components will crash out badly. You can use some manual or download Advanced System Repair tool to fix the issue automatically. Continue reading “Solution to fix Windows update error 0x800706b5” »