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Steps to Fix WMP.dll is Missing Error in Windows

There are many DLL files in your Windows computer that are responsible for the proper running of the applications you installed. WMP.dll file is also one of those file. It is associated with the MSDN Disc 2442.6. When you try to run a program in your computer that is attached with this file, you will get flawless performance. But sometimes, due to the missing or damaging of the WMP.dll file, you may also get WMP.dll is missing error in Windows. The error is very critical and makes you annoyed vigorously. You cannot be able to perform any function on the computer after the occurring of the error. Therefore, you can fix the issue of WMP.dll was not found error in your computer with the help of the manual or automatic way of troubleshooting. The error may also be rectified automatically by installing Advanced System Repair tool in your computer.

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